What it is Like to Be a “Minority” Abroad

I recently took a course on prejudice, micro-aggressions, and white privilege. It truly changed the way I look at the world on a daily basis. When I see people unaware of their privilege it shocks me. Privilege – as my professor taught me – is like an invisible backpack, which has tools or passes to […]

When a Dream Becomes a Reality

As you read this, chase whatever thoughts you have without hesitation or fear. There is a reason why you are inclined to do something different. Take the risk, expect to succeed, and if a failure occurs learn from it. If I did not push myself to be here today, I would not be the same […]

Arrive with Me: Bhutan

Stepping out of the plane, I took a 360° turn to witness a dreamer’s manifestation! Colossal mountains, trees, and homes in the mountainsides filled my eyes! The cold wind made me realize I was not dreaming, and the contrast in weather from the blistering heat in Bangkok to the chill in Bhutan made me question […]

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