API Blog – A Life-changing Study Abroad Experience in Barcelona

Today’s guest post is a special one! API Alumni Charlie Lotz & Sarah Moss studied abroad in Barcelona back in 2010. It’s safe to say the experience was life-changing because the two married after meeting during their semester abroad with API! We’re chatting with Sarah today about that experience and more of what they’ve been […]

The Intern Experience: Ian in Barcelona

This post comes to us from Ian, from Texas Tech University interning abroad in Barcelona, Spain. I am currently interning for plastics engineering firm in Barcelona, Spain. A typical day at work usually consists of me working on various tasks that I am assigned. The tasksΒ can range from converting a 3-D design to 2-D and […]

API Lisbon Excursion- Vlog

This post comes to us from Abbey Wozniak from the University of Massachusetts Amherst who is currently studying in Barcelona, Spain. Abbey recently went on an excursion with API from her host city of Barcelona to Lisbon, Portugal. You can learn more about that excursion here.

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