Work and Travel in Australia

By Jennifer C., Work and Travel Australia I’m Jennifer Campbell, your Work and Travel Australia blogger. A little about me: I’m Dallas, Texas bred, but a definite Austin, TX enthusiast. I love anything outdoors, including deep sea, surf and bay fishing, diving and snorkeling, zip lining, biking, running and hiking, and I’m also a photography […]

Flashback: A Work & Traveler’s Experience

By Jennifer, Cultural Embrace Work in Australia Participant Stateside and definitely currently plotting my next escape… August 19, 2010 How’s it goin’ Cultural Embracers? I’ve officially been back home in The States for what feels like FOREVER… a month if we’re being literal. Having been used to thirty day fly-bys packed with explorations through a new city […]

A Work &Traveler’s Experience Part 2

By Jennifer, Cultural Embrace Work in Australia Participant Australia = the adventureland of my wildest dreams. Aside from its reputable surfing/ windsurfing/ kitesurfing/ spearfishing/ kayaking/ hiking/ camping spots/ famed beaches, diving and snorkeling the other-worldly Great Barrier Reef and its Islands sprinkled along the East Coast and adventuring through the surreal red outback and crocodile strewn northern […]

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