6 Reasons Why Florence Always Wins : A Rather Biased View On The Greatest City in Italy.

If you talk to any student who has studied abroad or traveled extensively, they will most certainly tell you that the particular city or region where they studied or traveled is “the best”. If my experience in Florence, however, has taught me one thing, it’s that every single one of those people is wrong. Let’s […]

Villa Poggio San Felice: A True Italian Experience

Sitting in a small, cobblestone plaza overlooking the city of Florence, I watched as dancers floated in front of and around me, barely lit by the lanterns adjacent to the stage. It was my first taste of (true) Italian music, and I felt completely succumbed by the rich intensity of both the vocalist and the […]

First Month In Italy

My first month in Italy has been an absolute whirlwind. I have (somewhat) successfully learned to navigate the city of Florence, completed a semester’s worth of marketing, and have become accustomed to walking roughly six miles a day in flimsy sandals. Disregarding my grossly overdue need for a pedicure, I have undoubtedly enjoyed and cherished […]

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