Once You Have Traveled, The Voyage Never Ends

The other weekend I embarked on my final trips as a study abroad student in Barcelona, during which I ventured to Paris and Versailles, followed by Prague. I’m going to start off by clearing up a major misconception about Paris—you don’t have to go with a significant other in order to have fun in Paris […]

A Weekend In Paris

Over the last weekend I went on a trip to Paris with my roommates. I was excited, but not sure what to expect. I have about two years of high school French under my belt, the majority of which I forgot. While I had enough to get by while I was there, I remembered about […]

Just an Illusion

My hair whipped wildly around me, my curls twisting against the Irish wind. The ocean stretched out lazily amidst the afternoon sun, and the enormous, jagged cliffs met the sea proudly. My hands grip the railing tighter as my chest swells with each breath of chilly air, and it hits me. It nearly doesn’t feel […]

So True, So False

Bonjour à tous! Being that I am mostly in class with international students, one topic we often talk about is stereotypes. It is really very interesting to hear others initial expectations of Paris, France in general, and compare them to my own. Speaking with my classmates who hail from all over Asia, Europe, South America, […]

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