Help! How do I study abroad? – API Blog

Because we have so many deadlines coming up, we know a bunch of you might be googling, “Help! How do I study abroad?” right now! Seghen’s helping you out today by sharing her tips.

API Announcement – More Upcoming Application Deadlines!

It’s the busy season for API! We’re processing countless applications from students just like you who are taking the bold, priceless step of spending a semester studying abroad. If you’d like to join us this spring, there’s still time to apply for some of our programs. Applications for the following programs are due on the […]

API Visa Processing Deadlines – Making Your Study Abroad Experience That Much Easier

So you want to study abroad in Spain… One of the most difficult aspects of preparing to study abroad in Spain is applying for a student visa. Many participants have to travel several hours to appear in person at their local Spanish consulate to submit their paperwork. Even more confusing, each consulate’s application requirements vary! […]

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