Where should I study abroad? 8 Tips for Finding Your Dream Location

Studying abroad has many benefits. To begin with, you will see the world, get to know new cultures and make new friends. It can be a great way to get out of your comfort zone and build new skills and interests you never knew you were capable of.

Happy Limerick Day – API Blog

Yesterday marked National Limerick Day! The event celebrates the birthday of English author & poet Edward Lear, who is considered the “father” of the limerick. Limericks consist of five lines of poetry; the first two lines rhyme with the fifth line and the third and fourth line rhyme together. Today we thought it’d be fun […]

Bendito Dios por encontrarnos en el camino – API Blog

Today’s blog post comes to us from UW-La Crosse student and API scholarship recipient Anna Schaut. She’s opening up about intercultural relationships and her experience studying abroad with us in San José, Costa Rica! Anna and Tonny “Bendito Dios por encontrarnos en el camino” or Blessed be God for crossing our paths. I’ve always believed […]

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