Where Are They Now? API Alumni Profile of Makena Sage

We at API feel very fortunate to be able to touch so many lives through our international programs, but often we find ourselves wondering – where are they now? In this edition of the API alumni profile series, we’ll be speaking with former API Buenos Aires student and current marketing strategist, Makena Sage, about her life […]

The study abroad moments that stick with you

The study abroad moments that resonated most for me were the realizations that I can do it, I understand this language, I fit in with this culture. It was the moments when I compared “today” (whatever day it was) to Day One and realized how far I had come in my quest to know the world and think beyond […]

5 tips for choosing your study abroad housing

I chose to live in a homestay during my semester in Granada, Spain. During that time I discovered benefits and drawbacks to such a living situation and if I could have gone back for a second semester, I would have chosen to live in a residencia, if only to experience the two different ways of life. To students […]

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