Get to know API – Rachel and Julianna

Today we want to welcome two of the newest members to the API family – our interns Rachel Skinner and Julianna Jutzi! Rachel studied abroad with API in Stirling, Scotland, served as an API Peer Mentor at her home campus of Luther College, and now is an intern in the marketing department at API. Julianna […]

API Staff Profile: Carolyn Boudreau, Program Representative

“When reflecting on my experiences in Latin America, especially my time volunteering in Guatemala, I realize that you don’t need an abundance of things in your life to be happy. Interacting with happy people who live on so much less than I do on a daily basis has proven that.” This revelation comes from Carolyn […]

The Hardest, Most Rewarding Job

While in college, Jen dreamed of being in the Peace Corps. She had her sites and heart set on Africa. During her senior year, she was nominated for a west-African business advising position, and was set to start after graduation. However, six weeks before she would receive her official invitation letter, she had a series […]

API Staff Profile: Holly Prendergast, Program Manager

It’s with great delight that API has begun to profile its staff members, as we are quickly learning that some very interesting and unique hobbies exist among us. This month we have chosen to profile Program Manager, Holly Prendergast, who has made a weekend career of being a movie extra. For those of us who […]

Creating A Cycle Of Positive Change In The World

API recently sat down for a quick Q&A with one of our own, Roni Sivan, to profile her accomplishments as a philanthropist and entrepreneur. In 2011 Roni started her own scarf company – Krama Wheel – which set out to “create a cycle of positive change in the world.” Upon learning that children in Cambodia cannot attend school without a school […]

Joie de vivre – falling in love with Grenoble

By Anna Exertier, API Grenoble Assistant Resident Director I have to say that my love for France really started when I decided to take a French class my sophomore year in college. I needed to fill up a gap in my schedule and I thought why not French? I had already taken 4 years in […]

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