Studying Abroad is Like Geocaching

Expect the unexpected. Start journeys. Take risks. Not too long ago, I had my first experience with the modern-day version of treasure hunting known as “Geocaching”. Simply put, geocaching is the act of hiding an object – known as a “cache” – and providing the coordinates of the cache to allow others to find it. […]

I Left My Heart in the Highlands

I felt as if I sat suspended in time. Looking out across the placid water to the green hills beyond, I knew I was home. Sitting on the end of the rough wooden dock, I listened to the soft crunch of the rocks as my friends searched for the most colorful pieces of sea glass […]

Keeping the Study Abroad Spirit Alive

It has been one year since I returned from my semester abroad in Florence, Italy at Lorenzo de’ Medici. I embarked on a journey to learn the Italian language and immerse myself in the culture of my heritage. When I reminisce, I realize that one year has flow by extremely fast. I have been back […]

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