NO8DO- Reflections on Sevilla

This post comes to us from API’s Jason Kouba. Jason Kouba is a Senior Regional Director of Institutional Relations and Outreach with API. NO8DO-Anyone who has ever had the privilege to travel, live, or study in Sevilla, Spain should be quite familiar with this rebus. The NO8DO appears on countless municipal buildings and vehicles, on manhole […]


Megan wanted to use actual pumpkins for the two pumpkin pies we were going to be making for our API Thanksgiving Dinner. I admired her courage, while simultaneously not having the slightest clue where one could find two pie-friendly pumpkins in Grenoble. Content to let her handle the pumpkin-acquisition because I was a good bit […]

Que Dios Te Acompaña

The thing about studying abroad is that it’s filled with surprises. Oh, sure, you read up about the culture before leaving. You practice the language, you brace yourself for the worst that could happen, you mentally prepare yourself for the inevitable changes you’ll face. But there are some things you can never predict, and those […]

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