Traveling around the United Kingdom

Probably one of the best things about spending a semester abroad is the chance to travel. When I was in Leeds, I jumped at any opportunity to explore the country that I was living in. API offered numerous outings to places like Lincoln, the Lake Districts, London, and so many other places that I might […]

Returning From Sevilla

Six months ago I studied abroad in Seville, Spain and while I was there I had the opportunity to travel across much of Europe. Of course, the several most important and beautiful moments during that time are fresh in my mind, but as time goes by I also find myself wanting to actively return to […]


As a campus advocate for API, my study abroad experience has far from ended. Although I may not be in Dublin anymore, I get to relive my experiences in Europe by sharing my stories with students thinking about studying abroad on my home campus at Colorado State University. Whether it is talking to freshman in […]

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