On a Romantic Evening in Rome

With much excitement, Nikon camera in hand and a 30 minute wait later, it was finally my turn to step up to the famous keyhole in Rome. For those who do not know, on the outside this keyhole may appear just as ordinary as any other. However, once you look into it…well let’s just say […]

Beyond Paris: 3 Places in France That Will Surprise You

  The very first time I visited France was July 2014. I traveled through a tour group with my family, and the tour took us to Paris, France. Paris has always been a top destination on my travel bucket list. Indeed it is a very typical travel destination however, the stereotypical image of Paris always […]

What You Won’t Think Of When You Hear The Word “Oktoberfest”

Oktoberfest is typically known for its steins of beer, lederhosens and dirndls, sausages the size and length of a small child’s arm and the enormous extravagantly decorated beer tents that could fit thousands of people. Most individuals who do attend the festival would come back and rave to their peers about how many steins they […]

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