Opportunities For API Alumni

By: Chelsea K., Central Regional Director, API Texas

(also former API France/Rome/Syracuse Program Manager, and former API student in Grenoble, France: French Language & Culture Semester Program)

It happened sooner than I expected after my return from my study abroad program in France. It was barely noticeable, just a flick of recognition that passed quickly over my friend’s face and then, all at once, the clear signs of someone tuning me out. There was the change in their body language, the absent flick of the hair, and the sudden devoted interest to studying the pattern of the napkins on the table. All glaring signs that I had lost my audience. But wait, I thought, who would not want to hear about la vie française for the umpteenth time? Who wouldn’t want to learn about the daily habits of another culture? Who wouldn’t laugh at my improper use of the past participle in the subjunctive? Who wouldn’t want to pat me on the back for all of the growing I did, all of the confidence I earned, all of the places I saw and all of the food I ate during my time abroad?

We want to hear about it. All about it. Every last detail! And we want you to share it- with your family, with your community, and with your peers. API wants to encourage your enthusiasm and support your advocacy for study abroad.

API provides two exciting opportunities for student alumni to get involved. The API Peer Mentor program is an academic year-long introduction to the field of study abroad that encompasses learning and advocacy in an effort to promote global education. The API Campus Advocate program is a semester-long program that encourages a dynamic exploration of study abroad awareness.

Intrigued? Let us know! Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Apply today- we are accepting applications now until July 1, 2012.

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Flashback to our Fall API student's first days in Spain. Madrid orientation with our friends from api_granada, Salamanca guided tour, and lunch tapas (+first days of classes!)

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📷 by @api_salamanca https://t.co/5CpIyGo9RD
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