Intern Profile: Deanna

We had the chance to interview, Deanna Cohen, an International Business Major from Clemson University. Deanna participated in the API Intern Abroad program with placement in Dublin, Ireland. 

What made you decide to intern abroad?

During the summer after my sophomore year, I decided to study abroad in Barcelona. I had never been out of the country prior to this trip, I was 20 years old and I felt it was time for me to see the world from a new perspective. Since then I have gone back to Europe every couple of months because I absolutely fell in love. I think everyone in their life has heard someone talk about regretting not doing outlandish things when they were younger, when they had the time and opportunity without the restraints of work, family, and every day obligations. unnamed-2
I vehemently don’t want to be one of these people. I want to take every opportunity I have right now. During the fall I began looking into internships for the next summer which to me seemed like another obligation. It was something I needed to do in order to gain experience and make my resume more attractive for job applications that I’d be completing the following year. During my search nothing seemed truly exciting to me, and I was keeping in mind that this was going to be my last foreseeable summer as a student. Completing my internship abroad was a natural idea that followed and once the idea took root in my brain it was all I could think about. It was an easy decision for me, I had this opportunity that I simply couldn’t pass up.

What where the top three things you learned from your internship experience?

unnamedDuring my internship I not only learned how to be self-reliant and capable in a foreign setting, but also about business affairs that I have already been able to use both domestically and internationally. I now feel entirely capable and comfortable traveling in cities abroad. It is definitely important to do a little research on each country, city, and its background before you try to do business there. Customs and norms differ based on varying cultures and lack of awareness can do damage to potential business relationships.

In addition, I got valuable job experience in a sales role at Croke Park. I actually got the opportunity to work and contribute to an office environment in several different departments. This was ideal for me because I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do in terms of my career. By trying all of these different roles I got to see what I do like and also what I don’t which as a result helped me to narrow my job searches now.

How well did API prepare you for the program and support you while you were abroad?

API was fantastic, they gave us plenty of information on work place culture and how to get around Dublin. The placement was absolutely superb and showed how hard the API staff works in order to give students every opportunity to succeed abroad.

What did you enjoy most about Dublin?
Dublin is such a beautiful city with so much to do, we could have stayed another two months and not run out of things to do just in the city alone, let alone the entire country. My favorite part was their dedication to keeping their heritage alive through the continued used of the Gaelic language as well as the country’s participation in tradition Gaelic sports like hurling and football. It’s a modern city with deep cultural roots.

What advice would you give to a student or recent graduate considering interning abroad?

Do it! You don’t want to be the person wishing you did more in your twenties when you had the opportunity. This is a giant, glaring, beautiful opportunity to not only grow as a person but to learn through experiences that you can carry with you for the rest of your life. You can only regret the experiences you don’t take!

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