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It’s raining here in Bergenfield, NJ and I just got done with a small lunch at noon. Clearly, I am no longer in Madrid. It’s been almost 5 months since I felt like this:

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Now, it’s the last post. If I go by the book, I should write a mesmerizing passage that paints a beautiful picture of my duration, ending with a meaningful sentence that leaves the reader thinking about study abroad in a new light. Luckily for all of us, that just isn’t my style.

Instead, I have just 3 thank you’s:

1. The Boss

Kim Karalekas is officially the “Director of Web Development” at API. But to me and so many other students, she was our leader during our journey. You the reader will never realize how much work went into constructing all of our blog entries, and every single one of them went through Kim. I‘m not talking about Spain; I’m talking all of API. At least for me, every post I wrote was made possible because of her diligence and passion to our project, and if you enjoyed even one of our blogs, you have her to thank. I’d also like to think I have made a new friend…gracias por ser un amigo.

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2. APIMariaQuique

No that wasn’t a typo…the API kids get it. Maria Angeles Garcia and Quique Blanco Lopez are the Resident Directors for the API Madrid program. When one of my bags didn’t make it to Spain, they made one call, spoke Spanish, and I had nothing to worry about. That was day 1, and the rest were just as easy because of them. These two offered guidance, assistance, and were always there to make sure we had our plans organized. Looking back, we were kind of spoiled. Imagine having an RA for a whole city. So to Maria and Quique, gracias por ser un amigo.

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3. Everyone I Met

If you are a relative of a student, deciding to study broad, or a member of API, this is a just small taste of my adventure. If I met you during my time in Spain, I dedicate this to you:

If you would like to read all of our API blogs, just click here. You can browse by country, or find a specific blogger you like. For example: You can read all of my work here!

As for that powerful ending to make you think…here is a pig that some guy in Madrid walked everyday. Because Spain.

Blog IX Photo 2

Hasta la vista!

-Brian Cudina

Brian Cudina is a student at Hofstra University and an official API Blogger. Brian is studying abroad with API in Madrid, Spain.

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