A Semester in Buenos Aires; Getting There

This post is from our official student blogger, Ebeny Jazelle Torres. Ebeny is studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina from Regis College.

The “Autonomous city of Buenos Aires” (Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires), Argentina is home to approximately 3 million people. And an even larger population of 13 million porteños reside in the greater Buenos Aires area. Buenos Aires will also be my home for the next 5 months! Yes, I am in studying abroad in Argentina. It hadn’t really hit me until the other day that I will be living a new way of life for quite some time. During this time, I hope to become more independent, build strong relationships, get out of my comfort zone and learn more about this beautiful country. This is not only an educational experience but a time for me to flourish into my Spanish roots and do a little soul searching. 

Being the first in my family to take a leap into the world outside of what we know has been quite the adventure! Learning to be flexible while staying true to myself and my short and long term goals. The idea of studying abroad was influenced by my drive to understand this beautiful world around us. The first time I told my family about my plans to study abroad, many of them were not surprised, as I had traveled abroad on scholarship before to several parts of Europe and to Peru. But the very first time I decided to travel abroad, there was a mix of emotions from my family members. While some were overjoyed, others needed a little convincing. I told them that although, I’d miss them dearly, I want to experience the world outside of what I already know. I want to taste the food, meet the people, and visit the places that I’ve only read about in books.

ebeny3In retrospect, I would have never guessed that I would be where I am today, seeing the sights, meeting new people, adapting to a culture outside of my own and paving the way for my siblings behind me. Because I am the eldest of my siblings, it is not only my obligation but my desire to be the perfect example and role model for my brother and sister. My brother and sister aren’t getting any younger, so with every experience I take in, I want to share as much of it with them as possible. Although we don’t have a fixed schedule of keeping in contact, we try to keep each other up to date as much as we can. And if we are able to talk all the time, that´s great. But if we go a few days or even a week without speaking, we understand that this is just the way things are and that it is temporary. If there are times where I feel homesick, my mother and sister always make a point to tell me that I am not missing out on anything back at home. They tell me that everything at home is the same now, and it will be the same when I return. I am very excited to have a family back at home who supports me all the way through! untitled

Before arriving in Buenos Aires, I had no idea what to expect from the lifestyle or what I would need to do to adapt to this new life as a local. I was confident that I would adapt quickly and make new friends easily, but deep down inside, I knew that there was something that made me nervous. But then I thought, choosing what scares me the most is what will help me grow. Just like that, I have been here for almost two months and I already feel like a new person. I am ready to embrace the new way of life here in Buenos Aires and I look forward to having you alongside my journey!

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