Photography in Paris- API Summer Courses at Parsons Paris

As our Spring students prepare to head abroad soon, we’re already getting excited about what’s going to happen next summer!

Over the course of the next several months, we plan to feature some of our favorite summer course offerings. You can read a profile on “Explorations in Drawing” here. Our next profile will be “Photography in Paris”, which is offered as a full-day course in both our summer pre-college and college study abroad programs at Parsons Paris.

Paris has long been appreciated as a city of light, but for photographers, it is a special place for inspiration and innovation. Students will be exploring the city and will be encouraged to create a portfolio based on their photographic work of the city. This course is an introduction to photography as a visual language.

Students will learn the technique, aesthetics and theory of photographic images through a variety of assignments, readings, field trips, and lectures. Students are encouraged to experiment with different modes of photography and to create a final project based on individual interests. Although the course will look at the history of the medium and address specific issues related to traditional film-based photography, all work produced in the class will be made with digital technology.

To learn more about this and other exciting art and design courses at Parsons Paris, visit the API website!


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