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Safety is an important issue no matter how experienced a traveler you may be. Though many students and those who live abroad/have lived abroad will say they feel much safer overseas than in the U.S., that does not mean that it is true nor that you should not be smart and aware of safety issues. You have an important role in minimizing potential danger. IT IS BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY! The “Passport” handbook that you received in your orientation packet has a wealth of information about safety concerns, suggested dos and don’ts, materials for further preparation, travel warnings for your host country, and more. Below we give you some links to these and other resources so that you can easily access them. We also include some tips about safety issues you should consider when studying abroad.


Rock n’ Roll
We have nothing against rock n’ roll! You do want be careful, however, about wearing headphones when walking around your host city, especially at night. i-Pods are great in some situations (long bus rides, for example), but wearing them for a constant soundtrack on the street can isolate you from your surroundings. Not only will you have less opportunities for spontaneous interaction with locals, but you will be less aware of those around you, which can increase the chances you will be victimized. Take it from a former Paris student –
“The most effective classroom is the street. Don’t wear earphones.”
-Danielle H., University of Massachusetts Amherst

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