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Today’s blog post comes to us from Texas Lutheran University student & API blogger Audrey West! She’s studying abroad with us in Seville, Spain. Today she’s sharing more about the anticipation that comes ahead of a study abroad program. She’s also sharing more about her first impressions of her new host country.

API blogger Audrey West in Granada, Spain

10 days out

Overwhelming excitement and nervousness is all that I feel now. As the clock is ticking, I think of the wonderful sights to see and the amount of stuff that I hope I completed correctly before I leaving the U.S. I’m questioning everything I’m bringing right up to the last minute. (Advice: You at least need a week or two in order to pack. It will give you a chance to determine if you will wear all of what you bring and if you really need it.)

Next thing I knew time flew by!

We drove 2 hours to Dallas before my first flight in order to not have to wake up immensely early to make it through security on time. However, that gave me one less night to complete everything. (Timing is key!)

I am writing this in the airport during my layover in Newark, New Jersey. Today has been one adventure after another for it being my first international flight and I am by myself. Well, I cannot say I am completely by myself because I made a friend in the airport traveling to Dublin. It has been a great adventure working through my language skills in order to communicate but it has been worth it. I am very honored that I could be of some help in the airport. I am honestly very grateful for this opportunity and I can not wait for what Spain has in store for our wonderful group.

Update: I have now been in Spain for about a month and I can say that it still feels like a dream.

My excitement is at an all time high due to seeing one of my good friends from Seville and having many opportunities for travel. This program has been wonderful in taking us to see many places in Spain as well as Portugal. I never would have been able to guess that one day I would be traveling all over. Spain has a lot in store for our wonderful group including the amazing food and class opportunities. I enjoy all of my classes and they are allowing me to work towards bettering my Spanish and giving me a global perspective. I am so excited that I chose Seville and I can’t wait for the weeks to come.

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