All Aboard

By Emlyn Lee, Founder Since I grew up in the metro DC area, and love New York, I’d cruise up and down I-95 with friends, family, Peter Pan, and Greyhound. While you can’t beat road trips with friends and family, and always have random stories riding on Greyhound or Peter Pan buses, I wanted to […]

Tips and Thoughts For A First Paris Experience

  From API’s own Creative Director, Marc Smith: It is a city that you crave. C’est Paris. Live Paris for every moment. – Soak in every detail of thought. – Walk, walk, walk. Get lost. – Find something new and interesting every day. – Get to know your neighborhood. Your baker that sells you un […]

First Week

By Tracy G., CE Adviser in Africa Goodness this has been an interesting week. I am at an internet cafe in Thika. Thika is about 45 minutes from Makuyu,where the orphanage is. To get here we walked about 20 minutes to the bus stop to jump on a Matutu. The Matutu bus ride took about […]

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