Featured Student Blog: If You’re Hungry…

API Student Blogger: Alaina W. API Program: Florence, Italy: LdM Direct Enrollment, Semester Program…walk away. Just walk away now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Happy Hump Day to you all! I must say, that while I generally dread Wednesdays because they are the obstacle to the all-downhill-from-here second half of the week, they are […]

Jeffrey’s Bay and the Sunshine Coast

By Emlyn Lee, Founder I feel like each day in South Africa gets better and better. We are continuing our drive along Highway N2, as I’m typing offline in the Sunshine Coast. I don’t know enough adjectives to describe this drive….aesthetically, the faultless skies match the crystal blue waters of the Indian Ocean, and in […]

Counting Sheep on South Africa Airways

By Emlyn Lee, Founder I’ve lost my sleeping mojo…I used to have the ability to fall asleep before taking off on any flight, and wake up just about the time when the flight attendants come by to remind us to put our tray tables away and to put our seats back to their upright position. […]

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