Sugar Never Tasted So Good

By Stephanie P., Current Au Pair in France Hi there, It’s warm in my room and even though the fan is pointed directly on me, my fingers feel like they’re melting into the keys. My brain is mush and I can barely understand the lyrics of the music drifting around me. Work is exhausting– and who […]

API Gives Back – Barcelona

Student: Andrew S. API Program: Barcelona, Spain: International Studies Semester Program Describe your API Gives Back program: Every Tuesday from February 23 to the end of the API program, I volunteered at the Fundacion Catalana de Paralisis Cerebral to play with and help train people with cerebral palsy for their upcoming Special Olympics.  I played […]

Sobre mi vida…

By Caroline M., CE Teach in Chile ¡Hola! Well, as promised, the level of procrastination in my studies has significantly increased as the number of days before graduation has decreased. Since I am currently putting off studying the subjunctive verb tense in Spanish (a topic which I repeatedly have nightmares about), I’ll take this opportunity to […]

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