Counting Sheep on South Africa Airways

By Emlyn Lee, Founder I’ve lost my sleeping mojo…I used to have the ability to fall asleep before taking off on any flight, and wake up just about the time when the flight attendants come by to remind us to put our tray tables away and to put our seats back to their upright position. […]

The Secrets of Packing

By Emlyn Lee, Founder I have been called “Queen Packer” when it comes to traveling (yet many other names when it comes to moving…). My friends, staff, and family often turn to me to help them figure out what to bring, and how to fit it in their luggage, so I thought I’d share some […]

All Aboard

By Emlyn Lee, Founder Since I grew up in the metro DC area, and love New York, I’d cruise up and down I-95 with friends, family, Peter Pan, and Greyhound. While you can’t beat road trips with friends and family, and always have random stories riding on Greyhound or Peter Pan buses, I wanted to […]

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