Counting the Days

By Chris S., CE Adviser in China This weekend was filled with studying and getting ready for China. Today, I went back over my two lists. One is an inventory list for what to pack, and the other is a “things to do “list. I will post those right before I leave, then let you […]

Tikal: Temple of the Jaguar

And the travels through Central America begin.  First stop: Tikal.   From the shores of Belize, we flew to Tikal for a day tour.  Hot, humid, and full of tourists, Tikal was not the secluded natural wonder that I had imagined, but it was as picturesque as the post cards and worthy of its reputation. The park […]

Semana Santa!

Every Sunday during Lent, the processions in Antigua grew larger and larger.  By Semana Santa, the processions lasted over 12 hours and employed thousands of purple-robed Guatemalans.    Before the procession passed through the streets, residents would create intricate alfombras, rugs made of died wood chippings, sand, grass, or fruits/vegetables.  The rugs, beautiful and time-intensive, […]

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