Sobre mi vida…

By Caroline M., CE Teach in Chile ¡Hola! Well, as promised, the level of procrastination in my studies has significantly increased as the number of days before graduation has decreased. Since I am currently putting off studying the subjunctive verb tense in Spanish (a topic which I repeatedly have nightmares about), I’ll take this opportunity to […]

Counting the Days

By Chris S., CE Adviser in China This weekend was filled with studying and getting ready for China. Today, I went back over my two lists. One is an inventory list for what to pack, and the other is a “things to do “list. I will post those right before I leave, then let you […]

Tikal: Temple of the Jaguar

And the travels through Central America begin.  First stop: Tikal.   From the shores of Belize, we flew to Tikal for a day tour.  Hot, humid, and full of tourists, Tikal was not the secluded natural wonder that I had imagined, but it was as picturesque as the post cards and worthy of its reputation. The park […]

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