By Caroline M., CE Adviser in Chile My first meal in Chile: a sandwich called the Jarros Luco. It’s named after a former president who just loved his meat and cheese sandwiches. He and I have that in common. Well, 2 days of Orientation have passed without a hitch. The official name of this program that […]

Snippets of Life as Teacher in China

By Zoe P., CE Teacher in China March 30th I’ve been told there are five steps in experiencing a new country. First, the honeymoon. You are in awe of the newness. You are stimulated. You feel enriched. It is euphoric and yet you still feel close ties with home. I write emails home with the […]

In The Land Of The Sweets – Au Pays Des Douceurs

From an API France Resident Director, Melissa L. Sugar and icing and all that’s enticing… …Kinda makes you want to dive right into one of these incredible edible creations! Or pop out of one, like one Crazy Horse dancer who was part and parcel of an over-the-top birthday bash complete with human sized cake from […]

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