Coping with ‘Culture Shock’

“There really is only so much you can do to prepare for culture shock. However, you can learn about the culture of the country, including such things as personal space, body language, gender roles, what housing is like, how people use electricity, and the stereotypes they have of your culture versus the ones we have […]

France: Facts & History

Geography: France is about the size of Texas. In Europe, it is second in size after Russia. Population: 61.5 million with over 75 million tourists visiting each year. Régions: 22 L’Alsace, l’Aquitaine, l’Auvergne, la Basse-Normandie, la Bourgogne, Bretagne, le Centre, la Champagne-Ardenne, la Corse (special status), la Franche-Comté, La Haute-Normandie, l’ Île-de-France, le Languedoc-Roussillon, le […]

Travel Writing Prompts

We know that many of you blog during your time abroad (keep those going – we love following all of your adventures!). However, we also know that  it’s also easy to get writers block! Need prompts for your next blog post? Here are ten prompts to get the wheels turning and ideas flowing! (: How […]

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