I want a steak!

By Chris S., CE Adviser in China I always hate being pessimistic, but I have a feeling that up until Friday, my blogs may be a little boring. Not for lack of me having a good time here, just because making lesson plans, teaching, and watching movies is not that exciting to write about. Yesterday, […]

Rain Rain Go Away Please!

By Chris S., CE Adviser in China Today we have nothing scheduled except for a Chinese language lesson. The children at the school have a holiday today, so no teaching. We were going to go on a long hike to the top of a large hill, but on account of the rain that got canceled. […]

Escewz me teasher

By Chris S., CE Adviser in China Today has been pretty uneventful with the exception of teaching at a local school. It was actually really fun and I had them laughing a lot. I hope that I taught them some English, or at least how to pronounce things better. I had two classes that were […]

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