Meeting The Inner Explorer

By Stephanie P., Current Au Pair in France Très magnifique! I have a possible family placement!!! Today has been such a contrast of yesterday. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. My photo final got waaaay messed up and in my rush to put together a last minute shoot I got a ticket for running a […]


By Chris S., CE Adviser in China I went down to Houston yesterday to pick up my Chinese visa. I really don’t understand the consulate down there. They have 6 windows, and both times that I have been there, they only had 3 people working. One drop off, on notarizer, and a pick up person. […]

Which Study Abroad Program Is Right For Me?

Which Study Abroad Program is Right for Me? There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a study abroad program.  Before you being your search, you may want to identify your goals for your study abroad experience. Questions to Consider: Do I want to learn a foreign language?  If so, which one, and […]

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