What’s On?!

By Amy, Cultural Embrace Work in Australia I was beginning to think that Aussies were obsessed with their television programs as there are “What’s On” billboards, signs, magazines, and websites everywhere you turn. Alas, it is actually their way of saying “what’s going on?!”–And there is plenty!!! Although there is more of a “fall” feeling in […]

API’s Study Abroad Playlist

Okay, so everyone and their mother has a playlist (my 84 year-old grandmother does on her iPad… I don’t even have an iPad! :/ ), but let’s face it – playlists are fun! Here is one that we’ve come up with that is study abroad-themed. What do you think? What did we miss? What would […]

Study abroad – you can’t afford NOT to!

    Anne McDonnell studied with API on the Spanish Language and Humanities Program at the University of Seville in 2005, and now works in the study abroad field as a pre-departure advisor. I did not grow up traveling, but I did grow up dreaming of it. My brother’s old dented globe, and the shamefully […]

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