Discover Sharjah, UAE!

For those who are considering a non-traditional study abroad experience, check out this great promotional video on Sharjah, UAE. API’s Sharjah program will be available to students beginning fall 2011, and details will be available on the API website by mid-August. Enjoy Sharjah!

Beijing, Beijing, Beijing!

By Chris S., CE Adviser in China I guess Friday would be a good place to start. The weather leaving Yantai was horrible. It was raining pretty much non stop all morning and we were nervous about not making our flight. The taxi ride was pretty sketchy. So I made it to Beijing and the […]

Final Day Teaching

By Chris S., CE Adviser in China So this is it. I just got back from graduation and saw the kids for the last time, maybe ever. It is pretty sad to say goodbye to them, even the few that annoyed me a couple of times. The last day was pretty chaotic, but fun. Nobody […]

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