Soccer Is A Magical Game

David Beckham, one of the most famous football players of our generation once said, “Soccer is a magical game”, and I can speak to the truth of this quote. During my too brief time abroad, I learned the ins and outs of game, but football became more than just a game to me; it became […]

Sevilla’s Hidden Secrets

There’s no better place to get lost in than your city of residence. You can explore to your heart’s content, knowing the language, general landmarks, and your house address. Often, people think they have to take a bus, an airplane, something to get somewhere else to be able to explore and have fun. I prefer […]

What Does MLK Day Mean to Me

MLK day is one of my favorite American holidays. It’s a day that honors a great civil rights leader, to not only recall his infamous “I have a Dream” speech, but to live it out. For me, this day is a reminder for us to make a conscious and proactive effort to serve, love, and […]

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