The Year Travel Was My Valentine

Spending the weekend of El Día de San Valentín surrounded by rolling hills, Flamenco culture and La Alhambra with great new friends was the best celebration of love I could’ve asked for. Granada was a welcome change of pace and a beautiful city to wander through. On the bus trip home, I realized that travel […]

Because of Chile, I Saw America’s Capital

My departure for Chile is just days away and my emotions range from nervousness to ecstatic. This past week has left me sleep-deprived from catching back to back flights in different time zones, but it has only amplified my love for plane and travel. Why am I traveling so much? Wait for it, I am […]

Where I Walk, Bike, Fly, Etc.

Day 19: It’s been a couple weeks since my last post, and a lot has happened. I’ll try to only mention the essential moments of my time here so far in lovely Firenze and make it short and sweet. Classes: My schedule of classes is as follows: Mon: Italian Tuesday: Wine and Culture Wednesday: Workplace […]

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