The Versatility of the Potato

You know when you go somewhere and everything feels different? And you don’t really know how you will fit in? And maybe you feel a little lonely in this new place? Well, that is not how Ireland feels. From the second I stepped down on this laid-back, pint-wielding country, I felt like I belonged here. […]

Time and Tea

It’s been about two weeks since I touched down in London. Now, with a week of classes under my belt and a map in my pocket, I’ve slowly gained the courage to venture out on my own and find my way. My first solo trip out of the flat was in pursuit of one of […]

Challenges of Living With a Host Family

I’m sitting in my new bed in my new house in my new city, and thinking through the last three days (my first three days) in Salamanca. It feels more like three years. Today is Tuesday and I’m by myself on my bed. Nothing is bad, but everything is overwhelming. Moving to another country has […]

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