Kissin’ the Blarney Stone

With a little under two weeks left in London, my roommates and I decided to do one last trip. This time it was to Ireland! As a writer, I have to say that Ireland’s beautiful countryside really appealed to my imagination and I found myself thinking of more than a few stories inspired by it. […]

Mind the Gap – Aspire by API Gap Fairs – January 2015

Who’s ready for the back-to-school grind? We are! Aspire by API will be traveling across the country over the next few weeks on the USA Gap Year Fairs national circuit.  At each fair, you’ll get to hear a speaker give his or her thoughts on the benefits of taking a gap year.  You’ll also learn more […]


Standing outside of the Norwich International Airport, I reach into my suitcase to grab the scarf that my sister knitted for me one Christmas ago. I unzip my jacket and wrap it around my neck. It’s 9:30 PM, and the nighttime in England is spattered with traces of hazelnut throughout the sky. Streetlights mix with […]

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