Vamos a Study in Spain

“Puedo ir al baño?”

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I’ve certainly come a long way from relying on that phrase as the extent of my Spanish language. Now, I’m writing this from the salon of my home stay in Madrid, with a 6-hour time difference between here and 21 years of life.

So let’s not waste time…SPAIN!

One of my bags got homesick and decided to stay an extra day in New Jersey while I waited impatiently at the airport. However, I made my first friend who also lost her bag. This is my “baggage buddy” (her idea) Adrian:

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Even though jet lag claimed domain over my body, I still wanted to hit the ground running. I went out for tea with my friend Caroline (who I knew for 1 hour) and got lost in the city.

API hosted a wonderful dinner and after, I went out for the real treat: chocolate con churros (please roll the tongue when pronouncing the ‘rr’).

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Quick note: They are amazing.

The following days would include the acclimation period. We are trying to make new friends, adjust to life, and discover Spain all while recovering from jet lag. It’s a crazy time and can be a bit overwhelming. However, it’s very easy to manage when you have a nice home.

My host mom is a wonderful human being who makes sure I’m comfortable.
“But Brian, does your roommate feel the same way?”
Thank you for asking. I do not have a roommate. *screams of joy*

For dinner I get two courses, 4-5 slices of bread, and then yogurt or flan for dessert. “Quieres más?” is seldom asked.

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API has been fantastic. Our resident directors have taken us on a bike tour, to the Prado, and on an excursion to Granada. They make 100% sure you are comfortable and help you with ANYTHING you may need (like aggressively making sure your lost bag gets to the hotel).

So far, I think Madrid was the perfect city to…OH WAIT…classes.

Studying abroad is really interesting. La Universidad de Antonio Nebrija has a one-month intensive program, which I highly recommend. My two professors are excellent and really funny. They both made sure the class fully understands, and gave high-fives for assurance. A solid high-five is the same in every language.

My level is B2.1 (High Intermediate) but I like to think of it as the U.N.
My classmates hail from:
New Jersey (Me!)
L.A. (he goes to school in Arkansas and speaks Arabic)
South Korea (over 50 years old)
England (not London)

So there’s that.

Now where was I? Right, Madrid is awesome. This is the perfect city to study in because it has a little bit of everything for everyone. It wasn’t what I expected…but to find out more you will have to keep following our blog! (This is what we call a tease in the TV industry).

Make sure to check out my other colleagues’ stories as well! I’ll be bringing more specifics in the future.

Final thought:
When I got off the bus from my Granada trip, my first thought was “I am home.”

Hasta la vista!

P.S. This is my view when I go for a run.

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Brian Cudina is a student at Hofstra University and an official API Student Blogger. Brian is studying abroad with API in Madrid, Spain.

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