The Adjustment

This post is from official student blogger Emily Visconti. Emily Visconti is a Junior English major from Worcester State University currently studying in Florence, Italy

When I first pictured myself studying abroad, I saw myself wandering through the cobblestone streets of Italy with a gelato in hand, speaking fluent Italian. Every day would be exciting, and nothing could ever go wrong. And wouldn’t it be great if life always went how we pictured it?

Don’t get me wrong-I find myself walking down cobblestone streets with a gelato multiple times a week. As for the fluent Italian? I’m still working on that. However, in my daydream, I seemed to skip over one of the most crucial parts of studying abroad…the adjustment.

Adjusting to a culture where everything is completely.. and I mean completely…new is no easy feat conquered in one days time. Going from life in the United States to life in Italy is like going from hot to cold in a matter of seconds. The culture is different, the language is different, and the people are different. But, like thousands before me, I find myself adjusting right into it. There’s some people (and things) that I wouldn’t have been able to do it without.

Family: The ultimate helper for any adjustment has always been my family. Whether you’re switching majors or switching countries, they’re always in your corner cheering you on. There’s no one who would rather listen to you go on about the Italian pronunciation of an E like A or how the gelato shops with flat gelato are way better than the piled but all you can seem to find is piled… like your parents. At the end of the day, they’re always there with words of comfort and reassurance, which makes any adjustment easier.

Friends: If you’re like me, your friends are as close as family. So when it came to a huge adjustment, they were right there to listen as well. Whether it be about clothing-or lack thereof (throwback to when I lost my luggage for a couple days!) they’re always there with a good opinion and inside joke to make any situation better.

Gelato: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million times. The gelato in Italy is not like anything I have ever tasted in my life. Whether I’m in a good mood, bad mood, or really any type of mood, gelato has a magical way of cheering me up and reminding me that everything will be okay.

Adjusting to any new situation can have challenges. As I find my way down the cobblestone streets wondering where the best path to run would be. I’m learning not to rush anything. Everything good and worth it takes time, so it is best not to rush the adjustment either. Just lean back on the Ponte Vecchio, eat some gelato, and remember; la vita e bella-life is beautiful.


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