Sevilla: Mejor El Segundo Vez

Student: Allison H.
API program: Granada, Spain: Intensive Language, Academic Year Program

Valeeeeee! So I had a busy busy weekend! My Friday was extremely busy. I woke up about 8:45 because I am now a volunteer! I volunteer at a private catholic school every Friday, teaching English to students! I wasn’t sure what to expect on my first day, but it was a ton of fun!

I volunteered with Maria, who is actually living in my host home from last semester, she’s from North Carolina and a very sweet girl. We met at the school about 10 o clock, it’s quite a walk from my apartment, about thirty minutes, and right next to the Parque de las Ciencias. We worked with one teacher in two of her classes. The first class was a group of 16 year olds and the second class was a class of 14 year olds. We basically just spoke in front of the class, trying to speak slowly and clearly, about our lives and different customs in the United States. It was a lot of fun, and they asked us tons of questions.

When I told them I lived in Washington, one of the students asked if I had been to Forks (Twilight reference), it was pretty funny. But it was a ton of fun, and I am really looking forward to going back. Next Friday I will be working with younger students, the school is kindergarten through high school, so it’s very big.

The classes went much longer than I expected so I was in a really big rush when I got home at 2:15, because we were leaving for Sevilla at 4. I had to clean the hallway and sala of my apartment (my roommates and I split chores every week; hallway & sala, bathroom, and kitchen) and then pack quickly before I met Alyssa and MacKenzie to walk to the bus stop. The drive to Sevilla was much less painful than last time, as this time we actually had a bus driver who knew the way and didn’t stop at the mountain, with the scary one lane road. It was very nice.

We got into Sevilla about 9 or so, Mac and I were rooming together. We went out to eat with Emily at an Italian restaurant nearby our hotel, I got some yummy mushroom pizza. Emily got ravioli, which consisted of like ten pieces of ravioli spread decoratively around her plate haha. We finished off the night with a delicious gelato. The next day we woke up early to get some of the breakfast we were so impressed with last semester. However, we have been spoiled by the Paris and Rome breakfasts so it was as good as we remembered.

After breakfast we decided to forgo the API tours and take our own shopping tour. It was quite fabulous, with stops at all our favorite stores and a few new ones. I bought a new dress from Blanco and a shirt and skirt from a store that I had never been to, but apparently it exists in Granada, so they will be seeing me soon. It was a pretty glorious day and the weather was behaving for once.

After our five hour long extravaganza we came back to the hotel for a quick break and then headed off to a wok restaurant for some dinner. It was a buffet and we made our own woks, I picked out lots of veggies, told the cook a sauce and then he whipped it up in front of me. Delicious! I had one with a wok sauce, and one with a sauce called Tokio, which was very garlic-y, aka delicious. I really enjoyed it.

Later while MacKenzie, Emily, Alyssa and Tina stayed in, I went out with lots of the new people in API to the club Catedral, it was lots of fun and I didn’t get lost for an hour coming back this time! Wooooo! It was a good ending to a good day. The next day we woke up early again for breakfast, and after Mac and I had a good after breakfast siesta, and then checked out of the hotel and headed off to Starbucks for a bit of coffee with our crew. We people watched from the upstairs while listening to some great music from the musician outside. He was singing and playing a harmonica and the music was very bluesy, I felt like I was sitting on a porch outside in New Orleans watching the fire flies at dusk. It was pretty fab. We stayed there for like four hours and then walked back to the hotel at 5 to leave to go back to Granada.

We had been praying for rain on the way back and it worked, so we didn’t have to stop for a hike on the mountain, yay! We got back to Granada around nine, which was a bit late, but not too bad. This week it is my roommate Araceli’s birthday, so I’m going out with them to Mae West on Tuesday, it should be a lot of fun. MacKenzie and her roomie Ana are having a party on Friday to celebrate their birthdays, and then Mac and I are going to try to go snowboarding in the Sierra on Sunday! It will be a busy week, but very fun!!

Bueno, hasta luego!

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