Normandy – Brittany Excursion

This past weekend we had an overnight excursion to the regions of Normandy and Brittany, northwest of Paris. Our first stop on Saturday was in Caen to visit the World War II D-Day Memorial. We watched an informative and interesting film depicting the preparations for and launching of the D-Day attack. We then went to Omaha Beach where approximately 26,000 soldiers came on shore June 6, 1944 and many died. Seeing the cemetery there alongside what is now a lovely beach frequented by locals was sobering. It was a moving experience, and made all of us more grateful for our freedom and proud of being an American. Then we headed to St. Malo, a beautiful seaside resort in the region of Brittany, and ended our day with a dinner of galletes and crepes, a Breton specialty. (FYI: Gallettes are the savory version of crepes; the word crepes is used for the sweet pancakes – those filled with nutella or creme and sugar, etc.) They were delicious! The next day we walked the St. Malo city center, visiting many of the shops there, and strolled along the sea wall. It was a chilly and windy day, but it was still beautiful, and the bay was filled with sailboats. Then, as it does in Brittany, it began to rain just as we left on our way to Mount St. Michel. Our driver told us, “We say it rains only twice a month in Brittany – once for 2 weeks and then for 17 days.”  As we arrived at Mont St. Michel, the rain began to subside, lucky for us, and we had a delicious picnic before trekking up to the abbey. Mont St. Michel is a UNESCO World Heritage sight and deservedly so! It is magnificent in every way and a true wonder to behold!  On our way back to Paris, we all shared our favorite experiences and agreed it was a weekend full of impressive and memorable sights!

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