Moments of Perfection

As I sat on the steps of Opéra Garnier and listened to the Italian street artist singing the songs of Backstreet Boys and other American artists, it suddenly dawned on me how similar people from different corners of the world can be. We are laughing at the same jokes and clapping to the same beats. While becoming fascinated by this global alikeness, I feel deeply grateful about being here in Paris – a city that attracts people literally from all over the world who desire to be immersed in this cultural richness.

At Opera Garnier

The omnipresent Parisian cultural abundance has really given me many “moments of perfection” all by accident and beyond my expectation. The truth is they are really not flawless occasions where everything works in my favor, yet the heat of the moment simply prompts me to blurt out: “This is perfect!” Having been in this invigorating French capital for more than a month, I would say there have been three occasions during which I was profoundly moved by the perfection of the moment.

The first one happened during an Erasmus Party to which I went with friends in the program. It took place on a boat on the Seine where international students gathered together for a cruise on the river accompanied by a small classical music concert on the side. It was the first time I got to see all the famous monuments and landmarks of Paris shrouded by the mists of moonshine while falling in love with the sparkling Eiffel Tower. With the melodies, the diverse crowds and the divine views, I could seriously hear my heart palpitating for this dream-come-true moment.

Eiffel Tower

Another empowering experience was watching the once-in-a-lifetime spectacle at La Défense. Standing in the cold with thousands of others, we watched a polytechnic and multimedia presentation of the Big Bang as well as the formation of the universe with fireworks and the utmost visual stimulation possible. Such an observation of the human growth enacted with 3D, spectacular fireworks, thrilling music and state-of-the-art technical facilities not only mesmerized me but also inexplicably empowered me to seek more personal growth in the future.
The last one so far is right now, listening to this free concert by a passionate Italian guitarist with random international tourists and some relaxed Parisians, I seriously wonder how many more surprises Paris still has in store for me.

Spectacle at La Defense

At the turning age of twenty, I have no idea what these moments of perfection will do for me or where they will bring me to in life, but I enjoy each and every single one of them with the utmost admiration and appreciation. Paris, je t’aime. You never cease to amaze me, you make me gasp every time I turn the corner; you show me the true meaning of the joy of living!

Vicky Huang is a student at Colby-Sawyer College and an official API Student Blogger. Vicky is studying abroad with API in Paris, France.

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