Why I’m Glad I Chose Sevilla

When I first started college, I was an English major. Though I loved every part of English, I quickly found out that it was not the major for me. When I began taking communications courses, it was like coming home. And that’s what Sevilla is like, too.

My only thought when searching for a country to study abroad in was the cost. I didn’t really care where it was so long as I could afford it. I never had any interest in coming to Spain.

But I am the luckiest girl for having chosen this city.

Getting a café con leche after class with friends.

Getting a café con leche after class with friends.

Spain has somehow transformed from a foreign country into a second home. When I am away for the weekend, visiting another city and another dream, I find myself missing Sevilla.

Sevilla Alcazar Image 1

The Alcazar, my favorite place in Sevilla.

Learning Spanish will be very beneficial for me. Being able to say I am proficient in Spanish is going to increase the interest that potential employers have in me.

The weather is beautiful. Though Spaniards may still be wearing winter jackets because it is their winter, it has been at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit for the last few weeks. When the weather reached 70 degrees this past weekend, everyone was outside basking in the sunlight.

The parks are breathtaking. There are tons of parks spread across Sevilla. Some are small, some are huge. The smaller ones are nice and peaceful. There is one by my house that I like visit to write.

There is a huge park that you could wonder around for hours. It’s connected to Plaza de España. That’s a beauty all in itself.

Sevilla Plaza De Espana Image 1

Plaza de España

It seems that every day I spend in Sevilla is a day that I find something more to love.

¡Hasta Luego!

Cassie Pearson is a student at Plymouth State University and an official API student blogger. Cassie is currently studying abroad with API in Seville, Spain.

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