How To Succeed At Adventuring Without Really Trying

In a little over a week, I will be driving into Shannon Airport and flying back to the States. The next day, I’ll find myself back in my house.

But, we’re not going to talk about that.

We’re not going to talk about how Galway has changed me. We’re not going to talk about how Finn and Kevin are some of the coolest program directors and people you will ever meet. We’re not even going to approach the subject of how many different things I’ve learned about myself and life over this past month.

What we are going to talk about, however, is how to adventure properly and without mistakes.

Step One: Say yes. Whatever it is, just say yes to the opportunity. (Barring lifelong emotional and physical scarring, mind you). That weird looking pie shop across the street from the tiny pub with an 18 piece jazz band? Go in.

What pie dreams are made of)

What pie dreams are made of)

That mountain? Climb to the top.

Of course I ended up stealing a rock from the top.

Of course I ended up stealing a rock from the top.

Bottom line, go for it.

Step Two: Get lost. Whether you are trying to or not, it’s essential to adventuring. I mentioned this in my last blog post, but it’s worth repeating.

Step Three: Get homesick. Then get over it. Whatever you are doing is going to end eventually and you will go back home. Allow yourself to miss the familiarity of your life back home, but get back out there.

Step Four: Make mistakes. Forget what I said about trying to adventure properly. Adventure, by definition, is doing something new. Trying and failing miserably is the best thing that can happen. At least a good story will come out of it.

Step Five: Fall in love. It’s inevitable. It will happen. In some way, shape or form you’ll fall in love. Most of the time it will be with the city, but sometimes it’s with a person. Maybe it’s your program director’s seven year old son and you two become engaged. It might even be a local. Maybe its yourself. Whoever or whatever it is, just do it. (Cue Shia LeBeouf Nike video)

Easy, right? Go forth and adventure, my young ones. I’ve taught you all well.

…All credit actually goes to Fionnghuala (Finn) Geraghty-Hennessy, queen of the #finnspiration.

Parik Kostan is a student at the University of Central Florida and an Official API Blogger. Parik is studying abroad with API in Galway, Ireland.

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