Getting Settled In

It has officially been over a week since I have arrived in London. I begin my first day of class (“modules”, as they are referred to in the UK) tomorrow morning, and I can, without a doubt, say that deciding to take this trip is by far the greatest decision of my life thus far.

While the first few days were a bit overwhelming from a sense of culture shock, I feel that I have figured out a lot about myself in just the short amount of time that I have been here. I have figured out how to navigate the Tube, I have branched out and visited some of the outskirts of London where the “real locals” reside, I have been able to figure out where the nearest grocery stores and shops are without GPS, I have been to many of the popular tourist attractions, I have already attended a handful concerts (my favorite thing about London) and met a few potential connections into the industry, and soon I will be figuring out how my classes will be for the semester.

There is a certain empowerment that comes along with being able to do all of these things on your own and I must say that it is a very nice, comforting feeling. I am more confident in my abilities, and myself as a person, simply from being able to “make it” on my own. For months leading up to this trip, I was so worried about being on my own and was constantly thinking of numerous ways that things could go wrong. But in reality, I was completely overlooking all of the things that could go right.

Although it was extremely difficult to say goodbye to family and I miss them dearly, I know that they just want me to be happy and I cannot thank them enough for the support that they have given me. Also, I have never been more grateful for technology and being able to contact them whenever I need to – even though the six-hour time difference still poses a small challenge!

Sometimes I feel like I am dreaming and need to be pinched in order to wake up, but London is the most exciting, energetic, eclectic, and more fascinating city I have ever been to. The sights are gorgeous beyond belief and there is always something fun to do. No one should ever feel bored in a city like this – there are concerts, films, plays, sightseeing tours, anything that you can think of, it’s happening here. I am so happy with my choice in location to study abroad; I am actually looking into moving here permanently. I look forward what the semester has in store and hopefully it will lead into become a permanent resident.

Until next time,
Shelby xx

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  2. Pam lynch says

    I am so very proud of you my sweet girl.

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