Exploring Buenos Aires: San Telmo Market

From API staff member, Kim K.

I’ll begin this post with an excerpt from my travel journal…reflection on Porteño dialect/colloquialisms:

*some differences I’ve noticed thus far*

Ay! So many new words I’m learning here in Buenos Aires! (:

Anyway, here we are, day two! This morning we walked from our apartment to the Plaza Lavalle. It was a beautiful walk – there’s so much to take in here…I feel like all my senses are working double time in an attempt to take it all in!

While walking down one of the streets, we came across this tango footwork diagram on the sidewalk! This was our first crash course in tango dancing. (:

Continued walking and came across this beautiful park – found some sort of exercise class in progress!

We continued about 10 blocks down a smaller side street, rounded the corner and were face to face with this beautiful building! The area around Plaza Lavalle actually has quite a bit to take in, as there are so many buildings/monuments/museums in the vicinity (Teatro Nacional Cervantes, Templo Libertad & Jewish History Museum, Teatro Colón, Obelisco, etc.).

Turned around and saw this beautiful clock:


As part of an attempt to get as much of a complete “Buenos Aires experience” as possible, we decided to take each major mode of transportation at least once. This includes: taxi, the Colectivo (bus), the Subte (subway) and yes, even walking (when you are in a city with the widest avenue in the world, this actually can be a challenge! [;).

With this said, after we had finished exploring Plaza Lavalle, we decided to hop on the subte.  Here’s my first official subte pass!

And here is a picture I took while waiting for the Subte. Though the picture may make the Subte seem a bit desolate, don’t be fooled! (According to those we’ve spoken to), the Subte is PACKED during rush hour!

To give a point of reference, here’s a map of the Buenos Aires Subte system! I highlighted our trip in yellow:

We got off the Subte in San Telmo. On Sundays, there is the Feria de San Telmo – a GIANT street fair where you can find just about anything…antiques, knick knacks, food, purses and handmade artisan crafts.

It took us a solid afternoon to make our way through the market. The market is INCREDIBLE! Pictures really don’t even begin to do justice to the experience, but I’ll share a few anyway:

Here’s me, walking through the market. One piece of advice – wear good walking shoes when visiting San Telmo! I’m not a sneakers type of person, but walking the cobblestone streets in anything but sneakers I imagine would be a challenge.

Some amazing graffiti:

Probably one of the most “chill” bands I’ve seen. They were sitting there, jamming & drinking coffee. I love it!

ARGENTINA – BUENOS AIRES – music in San Telmo from API_KimK on Vimeo.

After we finished watching the band, it was time for lunch. I had decided that while in Argentina, I would order something new for each meal. If I’m in a new place, might as well try new food as well! Today, I opted to try the Uruguayan Pizza:

It certainly was delicious, though, it was my understanding that Uruguayan Pizza traditionally did not come with cheese. From this picture, I think it’s pretty obvious that certainly was not a shortage of cheese on this pizza. Quién sabe?? Maybe I ordered cheese without even knowing it – I’ve found that little things like this are a result of trying to communicate in a 2nd language. It’s all part of the adventure!

In addition to the pizza, I also sampled a licuado – a fruit drink blended with milk (or sometimes water). I requested the waitress bring me a surprise fruit flavor – she brought a banana licuado. I wasn’t sure how I felt about a banana flavored drink, but it was too late at that point. Turned out to be a delicious drink! 10 points for taking risks!

After lunch, we continued our adventure through San Telmo / Plaza Dorrego, passing quite a few street performers:

ARGENTINA – BUENOS AIRES – street performer from API_KimK on Vimeo.

Wow! So so so much to take in and guess what? This over covers 1/2 the day! (: Curious about our afternoon San Telmo adventures? Stay tuned…!

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  1. Hey! Glad to see you had a great time in BsAs! If I ever get to finish updating my own blog (such a challenge with the Vida de la Portena) but you should check it out to get a bigger picture of Argentina as a hole!

    chau 🙂 Mari

  2. I did have a wonderful time in Baires – it’s an amazing city and it was fun to experience a day in the life of an API student with you guys. (; Glad to know you are keeping a blog – Por supuesto I will check it out! Cuidate y un abrazo!


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