Ease on Down to Brick Lane [API Blog]

Today’s blog post comes to us from York College of Pennsylvania student & #APIabroad blogger Jordan Countiss! She’s studying abroad with API in London, England.

Even with the busy schedule of studying abroad, you’ll likely still find yourself with some spare time.

If you’re going abroad to London and looking for something fun to do, Brick Lane in Shoreditch is the perfect place to go on the weekend with some friends. I have gotten to experience Brick Lane twice; each time I’ve had great experiences. The first I went with some friends and we spent most of our time and money in all the vintage shops. The second was all about food. Whatever it is that you are looking for, Brick Lane has it all.


The selection of food here is amazing; you can smell all the flavors as you walk through the street. There are food stands with many different cultures: Ghanaian, Italian, Hispanic and Brazilian, to name a few. I was able to try food from a couple different stands but I went with Zongo, which is Ghanaian infusion food. Not only was the food delicious but when I went back to ask for a take away box they gave me even more food, FOR FREE!

After, my friends and I shared churros with vegan chocolate, which was even more tasty. If I wasn’t full from all the Ghanaian food, I could have eaten from every stand. Each stand looked and smelled amazing. If food stands aren’t your thing, there are also indoor restaurants and bars to visit as well (but who doesn’t love street food?!?). 


Brick Lane also has such beautiful art all around. From the moment you leave the tube, there is colorful and unique graffiti everywhere. You can’t go anywhere else in London and see these same works of art. Along with graffiti, there are also some showrooms that have paintings and art for people to view and buy.


My favorite thing about Brick Lane (besides the food) is THE CLOTHES! There are loads of vintage shops as you walk down the street. My favorites are Brick Lane Vintage Market and Rokit. Brick Lane Vintage Market is the biggest vintage shop I have ever been in. Each section of the Market has different sellers and each seller offers multiple items. There’s handmade clothing, found items, accessories, etc. Whatever you need, they have it! A few common themes between the clothes were Levi’s, cheetah print, and all things 90’s. No matter what your style is, you can find at least one item you won’t want to leave without. 

Shoreditch is my favorite place to go in London, so it’s natural that I love Brick Lane.

I get my haircut here, most of the clothes I’ve bought come from here, and lets not forget about the endless food options. This place always makes me happy and I will return as much as I can before I head back home to America. 

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