Dublin Offers Summer Interns a Wealth of Opportunities

By Gillian Clarke – API Dublin Resident Director

Prospective API interns will be happy to know that interning abroad in Dublin places them at the economic center of Ireland. The city was the focal point of Ireland’s rapid growth before the global recession and property crash, and is at the heart of the Celtic Tiger’s economic recovery.

Business tax incentives and access to the European Union have provided an attractive environment for international companies to set up major divisions and headquarters in Dublin. Companies such as Microsoft, Google, Dell, Amazon and Yahoo have set up headquarters in the city. The financial sector also remains important.

API Dublin Summer Interns

The attractive environment for businesses in Ireland is reflected in the World Bank’s “Ease of Doing Business Survey” for 2014. In it, the country was ranked at 15th out of 189 economies.

A welcoming and friendly work environment awaits API summer interns coming to Ireland. Dublin is a cosmopolitan city with a multitude of attractions and a fascinating history.  A friendly city with international status and local charm, there is something for everyone among the Irish capital’s attractions and activities.

Steeped in history with its deeply textured landscape, Dublin and Ireland’s heady mix of culture, music, dance, sport as well as its infamous hospitality, is truly the land of a thousand welcomes and should be at the top of every prospective API intern’s list.

Take the plunge this summer and intern in Dublin with API!

Gillian Clarke - APIGillian Clarke serves as the Resident Director for API study abroad, international internships, and gap year programs in Dublin, Ireland. From Ireland, Gillian holds a degree in International Marketing and Languages (French and Spanish) from Dublin City University, and spent her Erasmus study abroad year in Belgium.

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  1. Twagirimana Eugene says

    I’ll be very happy to be part of you community as an intern. I’m a Rwandan by nationality with degree in law.

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