Closing out the Semester

After a four months of living in Spain, part of me does just want to go home. Yet, I find myself wishing I could stay in Salamanca for just a little while longer. Yes I do miss my home, my school, and my friends and family, but I was able to find all of that in Salamanca. Studying in Salamanca has opened the door for me to travel and gain so many new experiences.

One such experience was Nochevieja Universitaria, which is the New Year’s celebration thrown a few weeks early so that the university students can participate. According to the news the next morning, there were 40,000 people attending in the Plaza Mayor. Somehow, a friend and I were able to squeeze our way up front to the stage. It seemed like what I see of Times Square on TV every New Year’s Eve! On our way into the plaza, they gave us packages of 12 grapes to eat at midnight for luck, and as the clock struck 12, that’s exactly what we did.

In the days surrounding Nochevieja Universitaria, I was busy with finals, goodbyes, and of course, packing. Four months ago, I had to choose what was most important to bring with me, and somehow was able to do just that and still remain under the maximum bag weight for my airline. The difficult part repacking was that things have been added, quite possibly too many things, and now having to decide what to leave behind. If it was broken, it was easy to leave behind, but other things and clothes were harder to decide to part with. I had even packed things in the summer, before coming to Salamanca, with the sole intention of leaving them behind, and even that didn’t make things much easier. Up until the time I left to go to the bus station, I kept going back into my bag and trying to fit things differently while also throwing some things out.

Somehow, my luggage remained below the weight limit, and I had good luck with my flights not being cancelled, even if I had an overnight layover. As well as those turned out, it was still hard to say goodbye to people who have become my family and to a city that has become my home. That just means I’ll have to come back and visit someday. 



Rynne O’Connor is a student at St. Michael’s College and an official API Student Blogger. Rynne is studying abroad with API in Salamanca, Spain.

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