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Brighton and Hove Image 1A few weekends ago, I traveled to Brighton with my sister and a couple friends.  We left early in the morning, planning on spending the day by the seaside.  When we arrived, there was a cloudy mist over the ocean and there were a few people out and about.  We walked on the beach, struggling to walk on the stones that are in place of sand.  Brighton’s beach is made up of pebbles instead of sand because much of Southeast England’s coast is made of chalk.  Hard flint in the chalk creates the pebbles.  When the waves retreat, the pebbles roll down over each other towards the water, creating a unique sound.

Brighton and Hove Image 2We checked out the pier but it was seemingly too early so we took a walk to Hove; the town next to Brighton, and also the home of the Hove beach huts.  The beach huts are tiny, colorful shacks that people can own or rent.  Some of them are even well furnished on the inside.

Brighton and Hove Image 3

Brighton and Hove Image 4We headed back to the pier to get lunch – fish and chips – and we sat on the beach to eat.  Keeping food away from the swarming seagulls proved to be quite difficult.  After eating, we ventured onto the pier again and got sucked into playing a few arcade games before getting crêpes and ice cream to watch the sunset on the beach.

Once the sun went down, we went to check out the Brighton Lanes, a cluster of cute shops and restaurants.

Brighton and Hove Image 6After, we circled back to the beach to take some more photos of the pier all lit up at night.  The day had been unusually mild for the start of November but as soon as the sun disappeared, there was a chilly breeze.  Being by the ocean and hearing the seagulls reminded me a lot of home and I found myself craving Maine’s coastline and a nice lobster.  It was nice to get away from the sounds and sights of London for a day by the sea.

Natalie Van Baars is a student at the University of Hartford and an official API Blogger. Natalie is studying abroad with API in London, England.

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