Back in Germany.


Well I’m back.

Back in Germany after four years.

I spent my senior year of high school in Düsseldorf, which is in the west, and now I’m spending the summer in Berlin.

Compared to the 11 months I spent in Germany in high school, nine weeks doesn’t seem like very long, but after only two weeks I can tell it’s going to feel like a long time by the time it’s over.

I arrived in Berlin on July 9 at around 8 a.m. My program with API didn’t start until the 14th. I used that extra time I had to visit museums and explore Berlin on my own. It was quite relaxing and slow-paced, but by the time the four others in my program arrived, I was happy to have people to talk to.

We got put up in our student apartments, which have all the charm of cookie cutter Soviet East German apartments. But it’s all well and good. We don’t spend too much time in our apartments anyway. Berlin has too much to see and do.  Berlin is speckled with museums and it is soaking in history.

All of the international students got oriented at Humbolt Universitaet zu Berlin. It’s a large group with students from pretty well all over the world, which is fun because not only are we all learning about German culture but we can learn about other cultures too, like Spain, Colombia, or Macedonia, just to name a few.

For all the exploring we get to do in Berlin, API is also taking us places outside of the giant city. Last weekend we went up north to Binz on the Baltic Sea. We even stayed in a five star hotel, which was a first for me. The sea and the small town of Binz were beautiful, but the 3-4 hour train ride back to Berlin was gorgeous.

The German countryside pulled out all the stops for us. Between mirror still lakes covered in swans, there were gentle rolling hills dotted with hay bales. The forest looked to be out of a fairy tale and there were no fewer than four rainbows spotted on the trip back.

Berlin is a city unlike any other I’ve ever been in. With its incredible history and flourishing modernity, I’ve only barely seen what this city has to offer. With over 3 million people it’s hard to find time to slow down sometimes.

I’m excited to experience what lies ahead for me in this incredible city.

Joe Lutovsky is a student at North Dakota State University and an official API Student Blogger. Joe is studying abroad with API in Berlin, Germany.

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