Meet API Teach Abroad Participant: Beto

In this participant profile, we feature Beto; currently teaching abroad in Colombia:

Name: Beto



Olympia, WA, USA

beto_photo_1aCollege/Major: The Evergreen State College – Cultural Studies

I love to read and write. I spend my free with family and friends cooking dinners and going out for coffee and conversation. I like to play soccer and I enjoy watching the World Cup. I love going to the movies with friends, and I enjoy finding new places to eat.

In Bogotá’s botanical gardens

In Bogotá’s botanical gardens

Prior experience:
I have worked with children ages 5-8 at a soccer academy when I was in Cochabamba. I have also been a tutor for English language learners. And I was a peer tutor with incarcerated youth here in Washington State. I traveled to Bolivia last year and toured many cities while I was there.

Why I’m going to Colombia:
I chose to teach in Colombia because I would like to know more about Colombian culture, the food, and the people. I think teaching will give me the opportunity to get to know Colombian culture and people on a personal level. I enjoy assisting others with their goals and this experience will give me a chance to help students achieve their aspirations of learning a new language.

In Bogotá’s Plaza de Bolívar

In Bogotá’s Plaza de Bolívar

To learn more about the Teach in Colombia program that Beto is a part of, click here:

Applications for the January/February 2017 start are currently being accepted!

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